The essence of Bach and Boombox, in about 6 minutes. Bonus feature – the quickest outfit change in concert music history!
The most recent of my videos on the Bach Cello Suites. This one shows how Bach influenced Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page or, (if you believe, as I do, that Bach mastered time travel), the other way around! Check out the rest of the series on my YouTube channel!
From a 2018 visit to Bronx Prep, an inspiring charter school in one of New York’s most challenged neighborhoods. I performed for the entire student body, and visited with Orpheus, their very impressive orchestra, under the direction of the amazing Joe Alvarado!
From a visit I made to Flint, MI in 2015 – this was one of the busiest, and most exciting days I’ve ever had. We drove around the city giving pop-up performances in six different locations, from a homeless shelter to a farmer’s market!

Bach Unplugged Live at the Taft Museum!

Posted by Bach and Boombox on Sunday, February 10, 2019
A Facebook Live video of my newest program, “Bach Unplugged”, a guided tour of his “Greatest Hits” for solo cello.
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