Want more people at your concerts?

In Lawton, Oklahoma, my performances of Bach and Boombox boosted concert attendance by over 20%!

For a couple days before I performed as soloist with the Lawton Philharmonic, I presented my “Bach’s Kids” program for over 2,300 children. Of the 480 people in the audience at the Saturday night concert, over 100 of them were there because of the school visits – we gave out 57 student tickets (four times the usual amount) and their parents bought 45 more! And that’s just from performing for kids – we can also bring my program to adults directly.

If you’d like to boost your concert audience too, call or e-mail me! I’ll create a program designed around your next concert, and we can bring it anywhere you want! 

Want more YP’s in your audience? We’ll go to a brewery! Have a board member who wants their co-workers to hear Symphonie Fantastique? We can go to their office! How about young families? I can play in schools, community centers, even a park! 

Whoever you’re trying to reach, I can create an engaging and entertaining program to get them to your next performance!

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