About Bach and Boombox



Let’s let Nat tell you about his performance concept, Bach and Boombox.

What is Bach and Boombox?

It’s the excitement of great music performed live, in a relaxed, casual setting. I play pieces by Bach and other classical composers on my cello, and we listen to recordings by pop and jazz artists (like the Beastie Boys and Miles Davis) on the boombox.

Aren’t classical concerts formal?
 Not these. First of all, we get to talk!

We each connect with music in our own unique way, and I really like hearing how the music speaks to you. I also tell funny stories about the lives of Bach and other great composers, as well as tales from my years of playing at the White House! Not many musicians can say they’ve been conducted by Walter Cronkite, or have accompanied Stan Musial! (He played a mean harmonica)

Why the boombox?

Duke Ellington once said: “If it sounds good, it is good.” All great musicians use the same tools in their work, and hearing these different styles side by side helps us hear connections between what we already love and what’s new to us.

Can I bring my iPod?

During the program, the pieces I play may remind you of a song you love. Bring that song up to me, and I play it for all through the boombox! Anything with a headphone jack can plug into my boombox. We’ll have time during each session for you to add your favorite music to what we’ve been hearing.

Where can I hear Bach and Boombox?

I come to you! BACH AND BOOMBOX takes great music out of the concert hall and to anywhere there are chairs and an electrical outlet. Also, subscribe to my email list, and you can find out when my public performances are.

Who is Bach and Boombox for?

Bach and Boombox is great for performing arts organizations reaching out to new audiences, for schools who want to expose their students to the joy of live music, and for businesses, too. Your employees will be invigorated and inspired after a lunchtime performance in the conference room!

Experience Bach and Boombox!

Together, we’ll learn more about the great music we love, and discover something new, too!


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