Dance With The Devil

In today's video, we hear the Allemande from the d minor Suite, which contains one of the most shocking moments in all of Bach's cello music. Bach surprises us with the most dissonant chord he can - the tritone, sometimes called "The Devil In Music",...

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Have A Look Around

It's time for round 2 of the Bach Suite videos! Today we hear the Prelude to the d minor Suite. This piece sounds like one of Bach's improvisations - the beginning seems like someone opening a door to a room for the first time. Hope you like it, and if so, please...

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New Video from 4-Way String Project

As hard as it is to imagine right now, school starts in two weeks! 4-Way will once again be in residence at Woodford Paideia, assisting with 5th and 6th grade orchestra, this time for the whole school year. We'll begin our after school program in early September, and...

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World Record

  Classical music presenters are always looking for new ways to boost attendance at their concerts. Well, the search is over – turns out all you need is skydivers and a soccer team. On Monday night, I played the American and Spanish national anthems with some...

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Music (is a) Haven

It’s hard to believe that the summer break is more than half over – in about a month, we’ll be back to work teaching at Woodford Paideia, and possibly elsewhere, too! Stay tuned for more details about that. We’re putting together a short video about 4-Way's education...

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