Why is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony the one piece of “classical” music everyone knows? Because it’s the same four note idea repeated several hundred times!

You know those songs you can’t forget? Usually, it’s the hook that gets stuck in your head, whether it’s Beethoven’s Op. 18 #1 or My Sharona. (I grew up in the 80’s -no judgement, please!)

Whenever I present Bach and Boombox, I start with music that has a good hook. From Bach’s G major Prelude for Cello to AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” pieces that give you something to hang on to tend to stick in your head longer, and all good musicians use these hooks as building blocks.

If you want scientific proof of the power of repetition in music, you can read this article. Or, you can just listen to this Spotify playlist – all the pieces have great hooks.

Many of these are pieces I use in my program – and I’d love some more ideas from you! The playlist is collaborative – so please add some of your own favorite hooks, post your feedback, and share it with your friends!

Till Wednesday,


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