For a long time, I’ve wanted to share my take on the Bach cello suites with a wider audience, so I’ve decided to make a series of videos – each one will cover one movement.  No better place to start than the beginning, with the most famous of Bach’s pieces for solo cello, the Prelude to the G major Suite. I hope you like the video and that the music brings you the same joy it brings me. In exchange, I’m asking you to consider supporting something else I care deeply about.

Many of you know I have also started a non-profit string quartet, 4-Way, and we’re raising funds for our free education program. So, especially because it’s Giving Tuesday, please think about making a tax-deductible donation if you like the video. Please post your comments, and share this with your online community!



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Till next time (and the G major Allemande!),




  1. Hi Nat,
    I love your blogs. I was very moved by the one about your grandmother. Looks like you’re doing great work!

    Best, Vicki

  2. Where’s the donate button? It’s not below the video.

    1. Finally figured that one out – it’s on there now. Thanks very much for contributing, Vicki!

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