Come Together

It’s Election Day where I live today, and unless you’ve been off the grid entirely, you know that politics isn’t bringing people together as much as it might. But there is hope – I offer you this picture as proof that people can overcome their differences, no matter how great they may be.



In 4-Way rehearsals, Will and I look past his unfortunate choice of football teams our contrasting views, and work together. So, when you go to vote, and feel discouraged by the distance you feel from the “other side” (whichever one that is), take comfort in knowing that Will and I, along with Kevin and Sujean, are setting a better example, forging our often competing and conflicting views into a better interpretation than any of us could come up with alone. Maybe our elected officials could follow our example.

If you want to see the power of cooperation and compromise in action, please come see us this Sunday, March 20, at 2 P.M. at the Cincinnati Museum Center – we’ll be performing as part of Bach In The Subways 2016 to celebrate JSB’s 331st birthday! Bring the family (the Children’s Museum is right downstairs), and while you’re at it – bring your congressperson – they might learn something!