Music (is a) Haven

It’s hard to believe that the summer break is more than half over – in about a month, we’ll be back to work teaching at Woodford Paideia, and possibly elsewhere, too! Stay tuned for more details about that.

We’re putting together a short video about 4-Way’s education program, and it will be up next week. In the meantime, here are two videos from the Music Haven program, one of our models, based in New Haven, CT. They remind us why this work is so vital, and show what’s possible when it’s done well.

The first video features the Phat Orangez, a student quartet. In it, the students talk about playing chamber music, and it’s crystal clear how vital it is to them, and how well they get along because they play together.



The second video is a slightly longer look at the Music Haven program. It’s well worth 6 minutes of your time – you’ll be inspired and see why we aspire to follow their lead!





Till next time,