The horrific events of last week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas have evoked the usual calls for healing and greater understanding – of course I hope that those calls are heeded, though the number of times they’ve been made in recent years suggests that they’re not working. Though it is certainly the job of politicians and other leaders to find a way out of times like these, I’m not real optimistic that they can – maybe it’s up to everyone else instead.

Much ink has been spilled and airtime occupied in analyzing recent events – I have read and heard several thoughtful commentaries (and many more thoughtless ones). However, as I’ve noted before, it is a cellist who has provided a truly meaningful response to what has happened – here is Cremaine Booker (aka That Cello Guy), playing the Barber Adagio for Strings (by himself, no less). I was deeply moved – hope you are too. It’s a start.


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